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In the following kid furniture guide we are going to show some important factors of purchasing baby and kids's furniture, that will allow you to design your child's room in a thought through way.

The baby furniture selector does not want to make a decision for you. However, we would like to show the key issues that, we are convinced, are really important , when it goes to buying furniture for infants, toddler, kids and teenagers.

Cradles and bassinets

Cradles and bassinets or (sometimes also playpens with lulling and rocking feature) are useful and natural sleeping places for first four months of baby life. They are smaller than typical crib, so infant may feel safer and more relaxed. It is signicant, that you can move easily such portable baby cot from place to place, being always close to sleeping baby. During night, bassinet or cradle placed nearby to mother bed, allows her to feed baby comfortably .

Safety tips and notes

Remember always about weight limit of each cradle or bassinet. Bassinets and cradles are shallow, so stop using it once baby can push up on and knees or hands. Remember always about proper, well-fit mattress without any free space on the edges.

If you have animals in home, be extremely cautious to prevent them to climb into cradle or bassinet

Age range: Newborns up to 4 months old.

Prices: You'll pay between $50 and $150 for a basic cradle, though fancier models can run more.

Children's Rooms - Trends

The proverb says that you don’t discuss the tastes. However, children's furniture, like other products on the market, are subject to certain marketing trends.

The most popular trend is still the color (pine, honey) but it also gives way to "coffee with milk" which, combined with colorful, nice themes (bear, elephant, frog) gives the baby cot a unique design.

We hope that this mini-guide/tutorial will help you in making the right choice of tasteful and safe children's furniture.


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